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Resume Tips

34 Resume Random Resume Tips!

  1. Use the name you wish to be called. (If your name is Robert and you go by Bob...use Bob!)
  2. Your contact details should appear at the top of the resume...NOT in a text box. Text boxes have been known to make your contact details disappear!
  3. Yes, include your phone number and email address.
  4. Your home address does not have to appear.
  5. Use a professional email address. (cutiepie12@youremail.com would be an example of what not to do!!) Ideally use your first and last name.
  6. Those long lists of carefully selected words to describe you and your key attributes...rarely, if ever get read!
  7. Have month - year start and end dates for every role. You will be asked for them during an interview, so best to be prepared ahead of time and put them on your resume.
  8. Go back 10 years or to High School.
  9. After 10 years, start thinking about leaving off the dates for high school. High school graduation date just tells everyone how old you are!
  10. Athletic achievements should be included! I have Clients who will put a competitive athlete at the top of their interview list! It tells us a lot of about you!
  11. Volunteer involvement in clubs/societies should be included!
  12. Include awards and scholarships. Yes, a resume is a place to brag about achievements!
  13. If you worked while in school include it! Someone who has been able to balance academics, athletics, volunteering and working while attending school tells me that you are a star at prioritizing and managing a high workload! I would absolutely want to see you for an interview!
  14. If you are new to your career - one page is ok. If you are not new to your career, your resume should be 2 pages, three tops!
  15. Use a font other than Times New Roman. We see hundreds of resumes a day that look exactly the same. Picking a different font is a subtle way to make your resume stand out!
  16. Microsoft resume templates are over used! Your resume will then just blend into the thousands of others that look just like yours!
  17. Anything under a 10 font is too small and over 12 is just yelling! Never a good idea to yell at the Recruiter.
  18. Dates should appear down the right hand side. Again, month and year please!
  19. Company name should appear on the left in bold followed with the Position title beside or under.
  20. Categories: Employment History, Education, Extra Curricular, Awards/Scholarships.
  21. If you include "Interests“ - try to make it interesting!
  22. References - do not include on your resume. You need to know when and who is calling your references. So, keep them tucked away until then!
  23. Your gorgeous face...should never be on your resume.
  24. Must be chronological - most recent first and work backwards.
  25. Indicate if your diploma/degree was awarded.
  26. Think of your resume as key word searchable.
  27. Know that your resume gets about 10 seconds. Make your 10 seconds count!
  28. Send in a Word format (not WPS or PDF).
  29. Never include your SIN, Marital status, number of children, age or medical conditions.
  30. Use a proper footer for your name and page number...better yet, include your contact details there too!
  31. Use spell check!! Use real words. Grammar counts.
  32. Know the difference between: there, their, and they're.
  33. Cover letters rarely get read, unless they are specifically requested.
  34. Write less about what you did and more about what you achieved.
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