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Sheila Musgrove, Founder & Finder of Fabulousness

Sheila started TAG in April 2005 with a newly built IKEA desk, a shiny new laptop, a bargain website, some pretty plain business cards and a computer monitor as big as a fish tank, all in a little business centre in the NE with blue carpet and pink chairs! Fast forward nearing 10 years later, TAG has grown into a thriving multi-million dollar organization with a strong reputation for finding stellar talent in a myriad of disciplines all from an uber funky office in the NE complete with a disco ball and a gong. Random: Her personal mantra is "some is good and more is better". It applies to running, amount of jewellery worn at any time, heel height and laughter. She loves all things that sparkle and really thinks that she is a lot taller than she is! Yes, she can run quite easily in heels! If asked, she will tell you the virtues of a lentil based low carb diet and an amazing kettlebell workout. She is determined to complete her first Half Marathon very soon! Most unexpected job: She spent a summer as a tree planter while putting herself through University! Yes, complete with a hard hat and work boots!

Shelia Musgrov

Aaron Mitchell, Director of Temp Gigs

Aaron has three degrees, travelled to over 30 countries and worked as an English Teacher in both Taiwan and China. Before leaving Canada, he worked as a Researcher in Executive Search before being lured away to work on the rigs. Upon returning, we were fortunate to work with Aaron as a candidate and quickly realized that his background and personality (quick wit and dry humour) would be a great fit for TAG! His educational background and vast career experiences enabled him to very successfully segue into a Director of Temp Gigs role! Random: Aaron recently clocked a 10K at 50 minutes as well as becoming an avid Crossfit guy! Most unexpected job: While teaching his Kindergarten ESL class in Taiwan, he was basically Mary Poppins for 3 hours each morning, reading children stories, playing games and leading the class in the singing of children songs.

Aaron Mitchell