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Master The Interview

23 Tips to Master the Interview!!

  1. Learn how to extend a firm handshake.
  2. Purses go on the floor.
  3. Take your coat and scarf off!
  4. While we all need our java, it looks a little casual to bring your own to the interview.
  5. Sunglasses tucked away - not on the top of your head.
  6. Image counts.
  7. Bring a copy of your resume with you.
  8. Bring your references with you.
  9. Listen to the question and answer that particular question! This happens more than one might think!
  10. Rehearse the question, "Bring your resume to life for me" out loud. More than once!
  11. Arrive maximum 10 minutes early! Arriving 30 or 45 minutes early for an interview just throws off the schedule.
  12. If you hear that interviewer asking a similar question to one previously asked, it is because you haven't answered the question yet!
  13. Know what job you have applied for & how your experience relates.
  14. Research the company. Be able to answer the question.. "Tell me what you know about our Company?"
  15. Slang is a deal breaker. None of these phrases or isms are a good way to end your thoughts!
    • "Things like that..."
    • "You know what I mean?"
    • "You know... like..."
    • "Ya..."
    • "Uum"
  16. Body language counts!!
    • Eye rolling
    • Eye contact
    • Closed arms
    • Slouching
  17. Sounds just like the last interview! Try to stand out and not sound just like the last interview!
    • I like people.
    • I want to be in a job that I really like.
    • I can only sell products that I believe in.
    • I want to like the people I work with..
  18. Be able to review your background in 10 minutes - role, company and responsibilities. If you are new to your career, try to get to 7 minutes. If you are experienced, try to keep under 15! Just try it out loud and time yourself! Most experienced candidates will take at least 30 minutes on the first go around! Those newer to their careers, will highlight everything in about 5 minutes, which is too short!
  19. Answer the following questions for each role:
    • What was your role?
    • What level did you report to?
    • Were you successful?
    • Why did you leave?
  20. Rehearse out loud!!!
  21. Know your career history off the top of your head! I have said to more than one candidate that the interviewer needs to believe that you actually lived the life that is on your resume!
  22. Behavioural based questions are used because...  Past performance and behaviours are the best predictor of future performance.
    Prepare for "Tell me about a time..."
    • When you went above and beyond.
    • You had a conflict with a co worker.
    • When you brought a new idea to your Manager.
    • When you disagreed with a decision made by your Manager.
    • You were recognized for outstanding work.
  23. Some questions to prepare for:
    • What is your ideal job?
    • Bring your resume to life for me OR walk me through your background
    • What are you working on to improve professionally?
    • Tell me something about yourself that I wouldn't know by reading your resume?
    • What do you really like about your present job?
    • Tell me about your best manager?
    • Where are you going to be professionally in the next 3 - 5 years?
    • Tell me about your biggest career milestone or success?
    • What was your biggest accomplishment in your last role?
    • Is there anything else that you were hoping that we would cover? 

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