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Hired! How To Get The Zippy Gig. Insider Secrets From A Top Recruiter.

80% of Resumes FAIL within 11 seconds!

Shocking but true. And, your current resume is probably one of them.

Sheila Musgrove, an award-winning recruitment firm owner and Amazon best-selling author, has helped thousands of job seekers world-wide to land their new zippy gig!

It all starts with her game-changing 2-step resume formula to get your phone ringing for interviews.

You’ll learn step-by-step how to write a shiny resume filled with your amazing results. Sheila also shows you how to impress any interviewer! She’s the secret weapon for your job search.

Hundreds of Sheila’s Insider Secrets are revealed in this 2nd edition of “Hired!” including:

  • 6 Surprising Things
    that get ZERO attention in the first 11 seconds.
  • Acing The Video Interview:
    Technical troubleshooting to handling unwanted human (or furry) visitors to your interview.
  • The One Critical Question:
    You NEED to ask this at the end of every interview.
  • LinkedIn Is Essential:
    How to expand your network & ensure you’re being noticed on this #1 job-hunting resource.
  • Resilience In Your Job Search:
    What you need to do daily & the brutal facts about why your job search has stalled.
  • Remote Work:
    It’s here to stay, but is it for you?
  • How To Do A Career Pivot:
    Revamp your resume to ensure you don’t get overlooked.
  • Career Gaps:
    6 clever ways to cover time gaps on your resume.
  • Crappy Career Moments:
    Terminations & lay-offs. Breathe – I’ll show you how to handle them.
  • References:
    How to prep your references to look like a pro.

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Unexpected Mentors. Weird & Creative Ideas To Boost Your Career.

Can a rubber duck really change the direction of your career?
Yes it can!

Sheila Musgrove, award-winning Canadian recruitment firm owner and international best-selling author, turns the traditional idea of a mentor/mentee relationship upside down and gives it a shake!

Discover 18 weird & creative ideas on where to find your unexpected career mentors in this fun and quirky book.

Your Unexpected Mentors are found in:

  • The word NO.
  • Crappy Career Moments.
  • Career Flops
  • Doing The Things That Scare The Sh!t Out Of You.
  • Big Mistakes & Needing A Kick In The Pants.
  • Letting Your Inner Kid Run The Show.
  • Far-Fetched Ideas.
  • Embracing Your Gift Of Weirdness.
  • Your Silly Life.
  • Yes, Even A Rubber Duck!

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