40+ Online Resume Tips From Hiring Experts That’ll Help You Win Your Job Search

I’ve had an award winning recruitment firm for over a decade. After interviewing thousands of candidates, I realized most everyone is in the dark when it comes to what to write on a resume and worse yet, with a terrible resume, interviews become a rambling-out-of-body experience. 80% of resumes FAIL within 11 seconds.

So, I coined a magic formula that takes job seekers away from the long list of meandering bullets that describe functional responsibilities. I wrote about it in my Amazon best-selling book, “Hired! How To Get The Zippy Gig. Insider Secrets From A Top Recruiter”.

Here’s the two step resume formula that’s helped thousands of post secondary students land their new gig!

Step 1: Describe succinctly what was your role? By simply answering these three questions:

1. What level did you report to? 2. What is your role? 3. What is/was your scope?

Step 2: How well did you do your job? Answer these three questions:

1. How big? 2. How much? 3. How many?

Numbers and percentages help to showcase your results!

A future manager is hiring your past successes.

And, you know what the crazy thing is? When you walk into an interview, a hiring manager will ask a version of this question EVERY time:

1. Bring your resume to life for me. (That’s when panic starts for most candidates. GRIN). 2. Walk me through your resume. 3. Tell me about your current role, and previous and previous.

HERE’S THE CRAZY THING! When the above questions are asked, the hiring manager is after the answer to these 5 questions….BUT THEY DON’T ASK THEM!

We want to know:

1. What level did you report to? 2. What is/was your job? 3. How many other people did the same role? 4. Were you successful? Yes, what were your results. 5. And, lastly, why did you leave.

BOOM! That should look familiar! It’s the TWO STEP resume formula.

If you take the time to write your resume in the two step formula. You will ACE the interview!

Sheila Musgrove, Founder & CEO of TAG Recruitment Group and Author of “Hired!”